Business Builder

From being a business builder going to a wealth creator I worked in the traditional finance space for the past eleven years working mainly with investor clients building their property portfolios after a time it became uninspiring due to the shackles lenders constantly put on my clients.

So, I decided to go back to my roots of being a business builder.

Over the years I have been successfully involved either in turning around or growing business, being a business builder.

Being a business builder, is something I love doing, it may be a lot of hard work upfront, once the growth starts happening and you can tract the increases, your heart celebrates. Everyone becomes happy and confident.

Business was always going on in my family, my dad was a serial entrepreneur my earliest memories was having a side Hussle before side hustle was a thing. He would buy sacks of potatoes and bag them up in 2lbs lots and sell them to his customers on his drapery round.  

Or knocking on every door in our neighbourhood selling his pickup and return dry cleaning business to a stage where his van would be full everyday of customers clothes that had been cleaned ready for delivery back to satisfied customers. He was a business builder too.

This was after my dad had bought a health shop that was run down and barely making a profit. Taking the approach to increase stock levels and using the two windows to build colourful displays of the new products in store the customers soon started coming through the door. With his charm and salesmanship clients where walking out with two or three items instead of one they had originally came in for.

After two years sale had tripled and very profitable, dad sold the business and paid off the mortgage on the family home.

So being a business builder is in my blood so to speak.

Over the years working for corporate companies, I would always be running a startup or a position which requiring a turnaround, either a focus on operation improvement or revenue growth.

Some of the examples of these

  • A second-tier freight company which was in terrible state both operationally and profit. Staff was not committed hence leading to lots of damage and late deliveries.

We commenced a training program so the handlers were better skilled, employing more people creating capacity to handle more in less time. Leading to Delivery in Full and Ontime 9.99%.

Along with the operational improvement, the sales focus on field activity level of the sales team led to more calls, more quotes, and more business.

After 12 months, the company started making money.

  • Beverage Company. A state was being run under an agency license that came to an end. Total start-up business, both operational and sales

Recruited commission sales team and technicians to install drink dispensers. After six months was profitable.

  • Cleaning Company.  We bought a few cleaning contracts to expose ourselves to experience cleaners. Implemented a direct mail campaign which constantly brought in sales leads. After two years we sold the business.

 There is a small example of being a business builder and in today’s competitive business landscape, have you ever considered a unique approach to acquiring expert advice and guidance from a business builder for your startup or small business without the traditional upfront costs?

Imagine a scenario where experienced business builder, with a vested interest in your success, provide strategic guidance, mentorship, and consulting services in exchange for a stake in your company. This concept, known as “Consulting for Equity,” is gaining traction as an innovative way to access top-tier expertise without the burden of immediate financial commitments.

With Consulting for Equity, you can attract seasoned business builders, advisors, and industry experts who are highly motivated to see your business succeed. They bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a genuine interest in your growth, aligning their success with yours. This arrangement not only conserves your capital but also nurtures a dynamic, mutually beneficial partnership, fostering long-term success.

If you’re a startup or small business seeking seasoned guidance and willing to explore a unique partnership model, consider the possibilities of Consulting for Equity. Connect with experienced business builders who are ready to invest their time, knowledge, and resources in your venture in exchange for a stake in your company. Together, you can embark on a journey towards growth, innovation, and sustainable success.

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